Our assessment tools and process will uncover and enhance your hidden talents and strengths, while diminishing your less effective traits. Whether it's to increase effectiveness in your current workplace, start a new life or business, or improve relationships and communication — This process will unleash effective ways to create what you most desire. You will discover your behavior patterns and create positive, permanent shifts in the quality of your life. Discover how to inspire power, creative authentic self-expression and find peace of mind. Communication is key to our success in life, how we express ourselves is a reflection of our state of being. Create the best authentic expression of yourself! 


Your ability to grow is determined by your current environment and internal self-image. The picture you project to others is made up of your current perceptions, based on positive or (usually) false fears and beliefs from your past. How you communicate with yourself and others is how you create and effect events, the level of authenticity in your relationships, and will always be congruent with your current self-image and beliefs.

Discover patterns preventing you from creating the life you want. Learn new and effective patterns that will take allow you to be your greater authentic self. Stop wishing and start doing!

After taking our comprehensive neurological assessment, you will receive a 40 page report on your personal behavioral style that diagnoses and interprets how you communicate to others and what motivates you. Discover why you do what you do. Embrace your true calling and discard ineffective habits. Learn new skill sets and get the tools you need to get what you want. With SELF AWARENESS of your assets, you can balance your mind, body and spirit into your authentic nature and flourish in the life you want.

Life is about growth, and growing into our deeper inner wisdom. By understanding your Emotional Intelligence, we can help you shift to the next level. First we’ll work with you to understand more about you and your goals. Then we’ll focus on uncovering the deeper issues that may be holding you back. This will bring you to a place of awareness, which will allow you to tap into your authentic creativity and passion.

Focus on doing what you want and stop frittering away time in procrastination and futile busyness. By eliminating self doubt and discovering new hidden talents, you’ll have more flexibility and freedom in your choices.

In our workshops, we teach the Mastery of Self, that will provide you with a new set of tools to see yourself clearly and bring awareness to your creative potential. Each participant completes an assessment prior to the workshop and receives a 45-page detailed personal profile outlining her/his behavior and communication style. During the workshop, participants get to know themselves, how they act (or react) in various situations, and where they are effective or ineffective as communicators. They will also learn what their Motivators are, why they do what they do. You will discover layers of yourself you didn't know were there.

We teach the Mastery of Self and awareness of Emotional intelligence. We gently coach you to become more effective in communication and negotiate collaboration with others. You will learn that how you manage communication and emotions with others is directly correlated to how you manage your own life.

Success in life, work and relationships stems from having a confident sense of self and of deeply comprehending who YOU are, what you do and WHY you do it. This science-based, neurologically validated Assessment is key to giving people a clear understanding of HOW they behave without guessing and improves their ability to interact effectively with others in work and life. Translated in Physical Temperament and Spiritual elements. 

 Everything in life is vibration. What we think, feel and do is what we are creating in our environment. Our own limiting beliefs can stop us from living our dreams.


Behavior Analyst CPBA & Life Coach

This work is done by Eva Tatum who has great passion for people. She understands how important and necessary personal development and communication training is. Self-awareness is key to developing every aspect of life. Her extensive communication and personal development studies, along with her travels to 11 countries with her daughter, has given her a more experienced understanding of cross-cultural communications and interactions .


Eva was born and raised in Los Angeles California, she started Coaching while living in San Miguel de Allende Mexico where she resided for more than five years. There she studied indigenous ancestral beliefs and rituals and studied plants with several spiritual teachers. Totally fluent in Spanish, she understands the importance of bi-cultural communication. 

She was certified as an AICI Image Consulting (AICI CIC) in San Francisco, Ca. 

Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst (CPBA), CPT.  Phoenix Arizona

She believes fear is the biggest inhibitor to reaching and realizing dreams. To make her point with heart and humor, she created “Don’t Be A Chicken!” www.dontbeachicken.com  Also a clothing designer, she designed and began wearing a chicken suit to bring focus to her point. Her chicken suit experiences during her travels crystallized her understanding that developing self awareness and gently embracing one’s fears will give you the courage to move beyond them